The George Eliot Review Online is a digital archive of nearly 50 years’ worth of the George Eliot Fellowship’s George Eliot Review. Since 1970, the Fellowship has published an annual journal of society updates, speeches, analytical essays, and reviews of books related to George Eliot. George Eliot was among the bestselling and most critically acclaimed authors in Victorian England and she continues to be a cornerstone of nineteenth-century literary studies today. On this website, users may investigate a half century of George Eliot criticism. We provide free access to page images of each issue as it appeared in print. Moreover, our digitized version allows readers to search contents by year, issue number, author, genre, and subject. Our project team has worked to summarize the individual articles and reviews to make this information as useful as possible to visitors.

George Eliot Review Online is directed by Dr. Beverley Park Rilett with the ongoing contributions of her research assistants at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and in collaboration with the George Eliot Fellowship of Nuneaton, England. For more information on the George Eliot Fellowship, visit their website here.