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Obituary: Herbert Van Thal

'Bertie' Van Thal mode contact with the George Eliot Fellowship in the early l970's as a result of a letter to the Times from the secretary in which she proposed the Alliance of Literary Societies. The suggestion was one which earned Bertie's…

Florence Re-visited

In the autumn of 1982 Kathleen and I had the opportunity to visit Florence with a group studying Renaissance … For us this was of course a golden chance to make a … literary pilgrimage in the steps of George Eliot and … George Lewes, to see the…


A Glimpse of Nineteenth Century Nuneton

“November 22nd, 1819 – Mary Ann Evans was born at Arbury Farm at five o’clock this morning” reads the famous entry in the journal of Robert Evans. The glimmer of candlelight from the windows of Arbury Farm was the only relief from the…