George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 11: 1980

Issue 11 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
1980 President's Message
Annual Report 1979
Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot - 1979
George Eliot Memorial Lecture, 1979: "Silas Marner: The Community of the Novel"
George Eliot and Education
Attracting the Majority: M. E. Braddon and George Eliot
George Eliot's Place in Westminster Abbey
Review of Those of Us Who Loved Her by Kathleen Adams
Centenary Lecture: The Genius and the Place
Review of Eliza Lynn Linton by Herbert van Thal
Review of The Madwoman in the Attic by Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar
Review of The Persistent Self by H.S. Kakar
Centenary Report including: Westminster Abbey Unveiling Ceremony, Wreath-laying Address by Tenniel Evans, Centenary Civic Service Sermon by the Right Revd. J.D. McKie, Centenary Lecture, Address by Goron S. Haight, and George Eliot's Funeral - December 29th, 1880.
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