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Treasurer's Report

The Statement of Accounts for 1984 is quite straightforward and little comment is needed. Although 'we had fewer members, with the result that income from subscriptions was less than in the previous year, we were much encouraged to receive donations…

Treasurer's Report 1984

The usual way of judging the financial success or failure of a Society is to compare the assets at the end of the year with those at the beginning and if we look at our accounts we see that in December 1983 we had £61 more than in the previous…

Treasurer's Report 1983

Subscriptions of 552.50 are 80 less than in 1981 and this amount includes 220 paid for Life Membership. Profits Readings, Meetings and Outing are straightforward. Books: - Cost 126; Sales 172.70 Profit: 46.70 Prints: - Cost 10.50 Sales 16. Profit…

Treasurer's Report - 1986

Balance 1st. January 1986 Bank and Cash 716.12 English Building Society: No. 2 Account 1727.09 High Income Bond 500.00 High Income Bond (Flowers) 250.00 £3193.21 Income Subscriptions Donations Profits Meetings: A.G.M. Coffee & Bookstore 15.65…

Treasurer's Report - 1985

Balance 1st. January 1985
Bank and Cash 743.99
Anglia Building Society: No. 2 Account 1443.90
High Income Bond 500.00
High Income Bond (Flowers) 250.00
Bequest from the late Mrs. G.M.K. Reeve

Treasurer's Report - 1982

Last year I said there were times during 1980 when I wanted to run away from the Fellowship's money. Little did I think that in 1981 that is just what I should be doing. For some months last year I was an absentee treasurer, leaving the Secretary to…