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Poem: George Eliot Country

From this Midland scene - glum slag heaps, barge canals, gray sheep, the vivid overlap of wheat field and mustard hillside like out-of-season sunshine, the crabbed silhouette of oak trees (each joint a knot, each knot a principled demurral: tough,…

'George Eliot'

LARGE woman soul, sure of unfading bays, It little boots o'er thy too early tomb To puff our little breaths of passing praise - Dead in the deepest of Midwinter's gloom, Ere thine own Autumn's mellow fruitage failed! We mourn a Larger Light, eclipsed…

Sonnet for George Eliot

Great George, when she was youthful Mary Ann, Strove faithfully to read the mind of God. At length she sought Him in the soul of Man, As Trinity’s sweet garden path she trod. And so with strong, diffusive voice she sings The need for each to love his…

George Eliot's 'The Spanish Gypsy', a Neglected Work

"Undoubtedly much the greatest poem of any wide scope and on a plan of any magnitude, which has ever proceeded from a woman"(1) This was the critical acclaim that George Eliot's "The Spanish Gypsy" received on its publication in 1868. It was a…

'Listening': A Poem Inspired by Middlemarch

Listening to silence
on its other side
hearing the grass grow
the beat of a bird's heart
the fall of a star
Shall 1 die of the roar
waiting for silence
to break - like glass?

In Defence of George Eliot: A Poem

In February 1982, a Nuneaton writer, hard at work on a play based on a nineteenth century murder in the town, accused George Eliot of misrepresenting her native town. ‘She gave us,’ he wrote, ‘A string of tedious drawing-room anecdotes better suited…